Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time to just write!

I need to get into a better habit of blogging. I still feel like i have NOTHING to say, but Katie has encouraged me to "just write anything"! So, this week we got internet. I know that sounds weird to most... "If you just got internet how have you been blogging in the past?" WELL, we already had internet, Todd just "needed" better internet so he can play his on-line games. Being the horrible, push-over wife that I am... we now pay for internet that we dont' need!! We haven't had any problems yet.. but I still fell he doesn't study enough, which will either be proven or disproved tomorrow when he takes his math test!! We will see! Oh, the cool thing is that now we have wireless, so our Wii is hooked up!! I will soon be getting Dr. Mario (my favorite Nintendo game ever!!) so Katie- I will be posting Wii scores soon! :) There, another blog down!


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

A Wii! That is soooo cool. I'm going to be hanging out at your place a lot this summer. Did I mention Dr. Mario is my favorite game.

Stephanie and Todd said...

Sweet Elizabeth!! You have a deal! I'm so excited you guys will be back in Idaho this summer!! I do find it kinda funny since I know how much James HATED it here because of the cold and snow!