Sunday, March 22, 2009

Best Weekend ever!

This has been a great weekend! On Friday night Holly Mayer and I went to the David Archuleta concert and then after Todd and I went to the Midnight release of Twilight (which I am obsessed with!) So, here's my story!

Holly and I left at around 6:15pm to drive 30 mins to Idaho Falls. The concert was at the Civic Auditorium and doors opened at 7. When we got there the line was so long we decided that waiting 30min to an hour wouldn't make much difference in where we sat, so we decided to go find some food and wait an hour before we had to stand in line! We ate at Wendys, trying to waste as much time as possible... very hard to do! We ended up leaving Wendys at 7:20 deciding we would be able to spend 10 mins finding a parking spot and walking to get in line. When we got to the end of the line it was 7:30 and in the same exact spot it was at when we first checked it!! We were right to not just stand there! So we finally got into the building at about 5 til 8 (the concert was scheduled to start at 8!). Oh but first, while we were driving I had Holly check on the back of the ticket if cameras were allowed, its said NO. Anyways, fast forward again to 8pm. We found seats pretty much in the FAR FAR Back, but we could still see and we didn't care too much. So while we are sitting I start seeing TONS of cameras around and get really frustrated with myself for leaving my camera in the car! So I start thinking about running back to my car to get it... but the concert "is about the start". So finally the opening act starts- which if I had known there would be an opening act I definitely would have gotten my camera. Then the opening act ends at 8:30- I'm still kicking my self for sitting through the aweful performance and not getting my camera. Then they start doing the stage changes for David Archuleta... times running out... finally 8:57 I decide I'm going to do it! I decide that if I don't hear intense screaming by the time to hit the outside doors I'm not stopping!! SO I RAN! I haven't ran in a LONG TIME and it nearly killed me! Anyways, I make it back into the building and theres not screaming or music!! So I walk (trying to stop my heart from jumping out of my chest) calmly and slowly back to my seat!! Holly tells me I made it back in 3 mins, I sit down, and the lights dim!! So, now you can enjoy the pictures and videos I was able to take because I RAN!! :)

(My camera died in the middle of this song :( .....)

The concert ended at 10:30 and we made it home by 11. Todd was at Holly's playing magic with David so we went there. When Todd and I left I talked him into going to the Midnight release party of Twilight!! First we checked Albertsons, but there was no party and they weren't releasing it at Midnight. Then Wal-mart was having at party, but they were selling it for $5 more!! Then Todd told me that he had seen that Broulims was having a party, so we went there! SUCCESS! They even had free food, drawings, and games!! So at Midnight I bought Twilight with my birthday money! :) Then they started having games and drawings! One of the games- they had red posters all around the store that had different words, phrases, and names related to twilight and the other books. At first people were just grabbing them and holding on to them until the name, word, etc was called. Then the employees got mad, so then people started guarding the signs. Then the employees got mad... SO they started making people walk around and making sure they weren't guarding. WELL I found the "Edward" sign and WANTED IT! So, I had Todd keep an eye on it (It was by the books and red box kiosk) So he just looked like a bored husband waiting for his wife! There was also another woman keeping an eye on it, so I knew it was going to be a race. I was getting all stressed out because I really wanted it, so I started walking around to see if I could get any of the others. When "Edward" was called out I sprinted back and there was a group around it so I couldn't see who had it... then I saw red in Todd's hand! :) It was very exciting! We didn't win anything of the drawings and but was still fun. When we got home we decided to watch it... because we are dumb!! Needless to say, I was very tired at work the next day (I worked 10-5!) But it was so worth it!!!


emmalou said...

That's awesome! Sounds like a lot of fun. Good for you!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

That sounds like the best weekend ever. So cool. Way to go Todd.

Holly Mayer said...

Yeah that was a great day! I am so glad we went to the concert! so how many times have you watched twilight now?

Stephanie and Todd said...

hehe... twice since it's come out! Which makes it a total of 5 times...BUT every day I'm like "I wanna watch Twilight!" It's sad... not quite sure why I'm SOO in love with it!!