Monday, October 19, 2009

Unwelcome Guest

This morning right after I woke up I was sitting on the toilet. While sitting there I swore I saw something dark dart down the hall and into the computer room. I jumped up and ran after it, but didn't see anything immediately. I told Todd, but then eventually desided that I had imagined it because it was dark and I was still a little sleepy. Well I was going to the bathroom again a little while ago- fully awake and more lights on- and I saw him!!! A little mouse ran from the computer room into our bedroom!! Now I am on a mouse hunt! I will drop Todd off at school soon and then go to Wal-Mart to build my arsenal!!

I will keep you posted!


Soren and Sandy said...

EEK!! I freakin' hate mice! Once when Soren and I lived in Fresno...he was brushing his teeth and one ran across his foot...we never did catch him...but it was sick!!!!! Go get him girl!

Katie said...

Eew. Good luck!