Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting Close to the End

I have had the easiest pregnancy imaginable. No morning sickness the 1st trimester and haven't been retaining water in the 3rd. I have had to pee a lot, but still don't have to wake up in the middle of the night. So aside from a growing belly and growing back pain, I really haven't had any pregnancy symptoms.....BUT this weeks has been a week for symptoms to appear!

We noticed I am a little warmer than Todd these days in our apartment and have had a couple spats about the thermometer.....

Yesterday I received my first "Badges of Honor" (as my friend so kindly stated) Todd found 3 little stretch marks around my belly button....

And this morning... SWOLLEN FEET!!

Yippy! It's almost time to meet my little baby!


Katie said...

Oh man. I didn't have a particularly bad pregnancy, but you have had it even easier than me. I offer no pity for your THREE stretch marks. Or for the rest. It's a good thing you realize what a lucky stiff you are or else people who have even had fair pregnancies would be lining up to flog you.

I love you!
-Katie :)

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

hahahaha. You are so cute. I miss the increase in blood throw. I'm always cold and the one time in my life when i was comfortable was when i was pregnant. I've even teased James about getting pregnant again just so i could survive the winter.

I read on your facebook page that you have THREE loads of baby clothes laundry to do. Holy Cow. I don't think Gwenevere has ever had enough clothes to do one load by herself. Your little baby is well stocked. Good for you! Will you come back to Oregon when you have your baby so we can meet her? I can't wait.