Friday, November 5, 2010

Doctor Visit

NaBloPoMo day #3.

Lexi FINALLY went and saw a Doctor!!! I've been keeping up with her immunizations (mostly) but she hadn't seen a doctor since her 2 month check-up! We got her insurance through Todd's work, but I wanted to wait until we had Medicaid also (so I wouldn't have to pay anything!) So, we finally got approved!! I was VERY excited to learn that my family's pediatrician (who is my dad's friend from college at BYU) was on the approved provider's list for both insurances AND he would accept Lexi because he's seeing my brothers (and he's a friend!). So usually it takes a month to get an appointment with Dr Craft (he's VERY popular), but once I mentioned that she hadn't had a check-up in 7 months- WOW where they anxious to get her in!! I got an appointment set for the following week!! :)

So, her official stats:
Weight: 21lbs 4oz - 90%!!! (WHAT? A Packham baby in the 90th%?!)
Height: 28.5 inch- 80% (well at least she's proportional!)
Head: 45cm- 75%

He says she's doing great! She's right where she's suppose to be developmentally. He even says it's ok that she's not crawling yet- since she's crawling backwards- and that she will figure out forward soon enough! He says she's getting enough vitamins through the formula and food I give her, but she does need fluoride drops.

The little handout they gave me on "Development at 9 months" says that bare-feet are best for learning to walk and that shoes are not necessary (except to keep warm), so I'm going to apply this to crawling as well :)

Let see... she got a flu shot and has to go back in a month to get the 2nd dose. I learned that there is a Hospital in Tualatin and that in the case of life or death, this is actually the closest hospital.

Anyways, I'm just very happy she was able to get checked out and to know that she is doing great! :)


Brittney said...

Sounds like she's doing great!!!

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meaningfulmothering said...

did she ave her eye looked at?

As Told By Mommy said...

I'll make you a deal...if I read your post I'll the same for me, please...

Glad she is healthy and proportional! Lol! She is so cute, seriously! I wish I could meet her and photograph her too!

Roemhildt Family said...

I'm glad she's growing. I love the fact that she is crawling backwards.