Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Origin of Alexis' Name

My friend wrote a blog about how she and her husband came up with the name for their son, and I thought it was a fun idea!

When Todd and I were engaged---actually it goes all the way back to us just dating I guess--- We agreed on a name for our first son: Kaden Todd (Todd had found a piece of paper I had written down a bunch of names that I liked on, and remembered I liked Kaden.... so then when we were engaged, he brought it up and we agreed!)

We also like: Wesley Dale
Wyatt Arthur
William 'Liam' No-Middle-So-Far

Anyways, we started way back then (2006) to think of girl names we liked.
I liked: Kenadie, Ainsley, Paige, and Madison.
Todd liked: Shyla and Madison

So we both liked Madison, Problem solved? Not even close!! We have a problem- Todd, ever since his childhood, wanted his first daughter to be named Shyla. He's even willing to give up all naming rights and opinions on future kids if he can just have his first daughter be named Shyla. The other problem- I HATE HATE HATE the name Shyla!

Now, fast-forward to 2009- I am pregnant. We start talking about names again. Anytime "Shyla" is brought up, I cry. We decide, we better have a boy!

Next: We find out we are having a GIRL. We now realize the inevitable fight is unavoidable.

We throw out Madison- I for some reason like the name, but more imagine it for my 4th daughter or something, not my first.

Now, I just start throwing names at him until I get the faintest hint of liking from Todd.
Also around this time, I started watching a show called "Castle." The main character has a daughter named Alexis. I love the character and name and I like the nickname "Lexi" (Which I had learned to love through another show- "Grey's Anatomy") (Yes, I was watching way too much television!)

Names I narrowed it down to for Todd:

Todd finally gave up on "Shyla" and chose Alexis. He asked if he could at least pick out the middle name. At first I was thinking about not giving her a middle name since none of the women in our families have middle names (until they get married), but I realized that this popular trend is not popular anymore, so I eagerly gave him permission to pick the middle name (hoping he'd pick "Shyla" and I wouldn't have to deal with the awful name anymore!) But, he was on to my little scheme. He wanted to honor his little sister, so we have....


Our little Princess is now 9 months old!


As Told By Mommy said...

ok, first...LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture! Adorable! Second I am glad you stole my idea, silly, I love learning whre people got their names!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Fun Story. I didn't realize you two had such a hard time picking a name. I guess you're more stubborn then me. hehehe I was the one to give up and finally let James have his way, it turned out perfect for us just like it did for you.

Max and Rebecca said...

Don't tell todd but I agree with you on the Shyla thing.

emmalou said...

That's great! That last picture is totally cute. I was going to say adorable and then realized I would be repeating another comment. It's still true. And worth being said twice. So that last picture is adorable!