Monday, January 24, 2011

A Birthday Bash to Remember!

Someone (my dad) said, "She's 1, she's not going to remember any of it."
I said, "There will be older kids and adults who will need to be entertained."

Evey birthday I can remember my mom went ALL OUT! cake walks, bing bag toss, pin the tail on something.  (She took party planning classes in college!)  I LOVED all my parties and I want to do that for my kids.  (plus living with my mom the party was bound to get out of hand!)

So we had:

  • A gathering activity: Stamps and colored pencils to make a zoo.
  • Pin the tail on the monkey:
  • Cookie walk: (pink, blue, purple, and green Elephants, Lions, Monkeys, and Giraffes)
    •  I found a box of 3 different kinds of ANIMAL cookies!! It was perfect! Even some adult got in on the action!
  • Cedar dust dig: It was suppose to only have plastic coins, then the kids would turn in the coins for prizes, but when we dumped the cedar into the pool it was already filled with Halloween rings, so the kids dug for rings and coins, and got to keep everything (including bags full of cedar!) and still got prizes. 
  • We also tried to have hula hoops to toss animals into, but it just kind of turned into the gathering activity and everyone just shot them around :)
  • My mom and I made awesome cupcakes! Lions, Monkeys, and Elephants! I think the elephants were my fav, but that's probably because they took the most time...
I thought it was going to be very stressful, especially if it didn't go as planned, but everything went very smoothly and ended right at 4! (a miracle considering we didn't get started until 2:45... the party was suppose to start at 2!)   Maybe other people think it was too much (my dad and Todd), maybe someone else was stressed out (my mom), but I think it was perfect and I wouldn't have changed anything!


James and Elizabeth said...

What a great party. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. James and I have decided Birthdays are going to be big deal around our house.

Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Very cute cupcakes. All I can say is Linc's will not be so sophisticated haha! He will be lucky to have the Mickey Mouse cake I am going to attempt to make though and his little friend over. :-)

Megan Marie said...

So cute! Loved the tutu!