Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mom for the week

My parents left for the Hawaiian vacation we gave them, on Friday and wont be back until late this Friday night. Which means I am in charge of my three teenage brothers! Boy is it different going from taking care of one man to being responsible for 4! I think the part that's been hardest for me is cooking! Before mom left we made a menu, but apparently I forgot to ask her how much of everything to make! On Saturday I made 3x the amount of spaghetti that would have been necessary! I guess I just don't want my little bros to starve.... and actually I should say "younger" instead of "little" because they have gotten HUGE! My little men are growing up!

So here's a list of the "not-so-fun" things I've had to do:
wake up at 6am to make sure Alex is up
Stay up til 6:10am to make sure Zach wakes up
Get back up at 6:40am to get Sam up and have family prayer
Make Dinner- at least they haven't told me my food sucks!
Help Alex with Homework- we've written an awful paper about computers and an "ok" poem
On Saturday: gave them chores and tried to get them to do them!

Fun things I've gotten to do:
Spend lots of time with my brothers who I've missed so much
Teaching Alex and Zach to drive- they both have learner's permits- Yikes!
I went to Zach's band concert
I get to take Sam and the scouts on an activity
Todd and I even had to be the parents at Church- it was kinda weird w/o my parents...
And playing games

So all-in-all it's been fun... I'm just tired of cooking!!


Katie said...

1. Are you sure Alex is older than 9? I'm pretty sure he's not.
2. I would make the boys cook.

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I agree with Katie, make the boys cook.