Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Unwelcomed Guest!

Yesterday Todd woke up to a rustling noise.... his first thought was "giant spider!" (lol, he's so cute) He kept listening and desided the noise was coming from his night stand! He woke me up and we listened for a bit. We decided it was another mouse! I got up and turned on the light... the mouse had been eating a chocolate kiss on the nightstand! Luckly I didn't see any of this next part- but I guess the mouse jumped onto our bed and then ran down between the bed and the wall!

We still had 3 traps leftover from our last mouse hunt, so Todd loaded 'em up with peanut butter and we went back to bed! Anyways, when I got home from work I remembered about the mouse problem... I wanted to check the traps, but not actually see it!! I checked the one under our bed from the bathroom... nothing. I checked the one in the pantry... nothing. I checked the one in the kitchen by slightly glancing around the corner with my peripheral vision... I could see the trap had been sprung and that there was something in it... that was enough for me!

I had another hour before Todd would be home, so I decided to just avoid the kitchen til then! I was cleaning the house, going about minding my own business... and FORGOT about the mouse!! UNPLEASANT when I absentmindedly walked into the kitchen!!

So Todd came home and threw the mouse away. He says the trap barely got him! He got caught by the tip of his nose! We are going out of town today for the rest of the week... we are going to set up more traps and if there are any new visitors while we are gone hopefully we will get 'em! (then call the housing office and tell them to find the entry point!!!)

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Soren and Sandy said...

Before you leave you should make sure all food and snacks aren't easily accessible !