Monday, November 16, 2009

Sugar Test!

Today I had my sugar test- they make you drink this stuff that is like orange kool-aid with 10x too much sugar!

I had been warned by many people to just chug it, DON'T sip! So that's exactly what I did! It tasted awful afterwards, but wasn't too bad during :)

I thought that they would have to draw blood 1 hour after I drank the stuff and then again after another hour. Turns out, they just pricked my finger (1 hour after I drank it- luckly they gave it to me at my last appointment so I didn't have to sit around the office for an hour) and can run the test right away!! I passed, otherwise they would have had to prick me again 3 hours later!

Mine and Lexi's stats:
Sugar level: 127 (suppose to be under 140)
Hemoglobin lvl: 13.7 (suppose to be above 12)
Weight: 160- still not even to pre-pregnancy weight!! But I did gain another 2 lbs over the last month so they aren't worried :) It just means I'm not retaining water!! :)
Belly Measuring: 29cm- suppose to be 27cm, but 2 cm off in either direction is ok- only a problem if it's off by 4! She's just getting big!
And her little heart beat sounds great!
The only "problem" is that she is completely breach, but they said they wont start worrying about it til I'm around 33 weeks or so. And even if she hasn't turned on her own there are a couple things I can do to encourage her! (stretchs, chiropractor, chinesse medicine woman....that one kinda scares me! and then the doctor can physically try to turn her :/ Hopefully she desides to turn on her own!!

I will have my next apointment in 4 weeks and then will start going every 2 weeks! It's getting closer!!


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I'm glad you past. Gestational Diabetes is no fun. I'm glad you and Lexi are doing well. Hopefully she'll turn around. I remember feeling Gwenevere turn. It took her all day and i kept thinking my belly looked strange but when i realize she had turned I was super excited.

Anonymous said...

yaaay!!! im so excited for you!! you should post a preggo picture!! please!! i wanna see how cute you look! I'm so happy for you guys. You've already picked out her name!? so cute. i bet you look great.

Soren and Sandy said...

Blech. I have to do that sugar test for diabetes on tuesday...not excited.

The Crebs Family said...

Hey! How funny that you found my craft blog. I sell the Minkee lined ones for 40 dollars, and the fleece, flannel and cotton lined ones for 28. It just depends on how warm you want them to be. I can go look for other fabrics too. I have to run to the fabric store this week if you have specific colors on designs in mind. Let me know. We also need to VT's sunday?