Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3 year anniversary and 33/34 week Dr appt

Today was very busy! Because of some confusion with work, we were able to stay in Oregon a couple extra days! YAY!But it also meant that I had to reschedule my chiropractor appointment from Monday and my Dr appointment from Tuesday to TODAY! Today is also our Anniversary!

For our anniversary we just spent time together and watched a chick flick- Todd chose "PS I Love You" (A VERY sad movie!!) And we made Crepes together- we love 'em and we don't have any money to go out to eat!

Todd even came to my doctor's appointment and didn't even ask to go to the Library to play War Craft!! (I think that was his present to me! :) Anyways, the appointment was good. I did gain 6 pounds in 2 weeks!!! Which is nearly as much as I've gained the whole pregnancy!! (my total gain had been 8lbs til then!!) Good ol' Christmas! Other than that, baby sounds good, we measured perfectly at 34cm and she is still head down!

Only 6 more weeks!!!

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Roemhildt Family Fun said...

wow, 8 lbs total. That is so awesome. You are doing wonderful. I'm excited to see your little girl. Are you going to take guesses of how much she'll weigh? I can't wait.

Happy Anniversary