Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dental Appointment

A couple weeks ago I noticed it hurt to chew on the left side and decided I probably had a cavity. Through Medicaid I have dental coverage, so I went!! Turns out I don't have any cavities and that it's probably just sensitivity due to pregnancy! So they just gave me some special toothpaste and sent me on my way! Yay for no cavities!!!

Also, I had x-rays taken so we could see if my wisdom NEED to be taken out. The Dr says they should come out, and that he could do 3/4, but the 4th one is up in my sinus and a surgeon would need to do it. Now I have to compare prices and talk to my 2 uncles who are dentists, so I can decide when and who will do it!!

In other news.... 5 WEEKS!!!

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Soren and Sandy said...

My gums were way swollen during the 1st trimester...pregnancy sure does weird stuff to you...