Friday, January 22, 2010

Contractions and a Hospital trip

So at my appointment last week I told them I hadn't been having any contractions and that she hadn't dropped... she waited til the next day to start all that. For the last week I've been have quit a few practice contrations- they haven't been painful at all. So she pulled the same thing this week! Yesterday I told them I haven't been having painful contractions. Then this morning she hit me with 2 PAINFUL contractions!! I'm not sure if they are still practice ones or if they are productive... I'm going to see how today goes before I get too excited!! PLUS since I hadn't been having painful ones I didn't get checked for dilation. I'm wishing I had now! Oh, and I've also been feeling A LOT of pressure "down there".... it's a weird feeling! :)

Tonight we decided to go to the hospital to learn where to park, what doors to enter, and procedure... plus I wanted to pre-register! :) It was a nice little outing, we got to see the different rooms I'll be in and were able to ask questions.

Hope no ones too annoyed with me from the title... I just wanted people to check it out!! :)


Katie said...

Well, I was intrigued by your title, but I didn't think you had gone into labor. If you had, you would definitely not be posting and, if you had, it would have had a title like "She's here!" or something.

Still, ouch. Contractions, no fun. You have my sympathy. I sure hope she comes soon soon soon! Best wishes with labor and delivery!

Oh, and if you change your mind once she's born and decide to name her Katie, that would probably be okay. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Soren and Sandy said...

Oh yah...totally annoyed ;-) Just kidding. Ooh, are getting close! Yay!! So exciting!!