Friday, January 22, 2010

37 week doctor appointment

So I had my week 37 appointment yesterday! (they are going to be every Thursday until she comes) The main thing is that my Group B Strep test came back positive. It's not a huge deal- about 20% of pregnant women have it- it just means that they will have to give me IV medicine every 4 hours while I'm in labor so I don't pass it on the the baby. The only problem was that the assistant lady decided to tell me I was positive WHILE she was taking me blood pressure!! It was high (obviously!) so they decided to take it again at the end of my appointment. But then I'm thinking about it and nervous, so it was still a little high- just not as high as before- and since my urine sample came back normal theres nothing to worry about ( just a dumb assistant!)

Other than that... I actually lost 1 pound, don't know what we measured at, and I didn't get checked for dilation.

3 weeks til due date!! (I think she'll be late though....)

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Soren and Sandy said...

1st babies are generally late...count on that so if she comes on time you'll be surprised! My doctor hasn't said anything about giving me that test...I'd like a warning before I show up haha...but oh, well...dont be nervous it will all go well! :-) yay!