Friday, January 15, 2010

36 weeks!! Dr Appt and Pics!

I'll start off with the pics because I know thats what people really wanna see!

I like the last one... it shows how I really feel! ;)

So we had our 36 week doctor appointment today. I have gained another 4 lbs! Now total gain is 18!! We measured right at 36cm, so she is PERFECT! I also had to take/do the Group B Strep test... ya, that was fun... We will find out at our next appointment NEXT WEEK if I'm positive.

Now that the boring stuff has been reported, time for some fun info!!

It's still a little early for them to say this officially, but my mid-wife thinks she will be in the 7lb range, no more than 8lbs!! (Which is exactly what I was hoping for!!) I also asked when they were going to start "checking" me. She says I can be checked whenever I want, but usually starting around week 38. Since I have not had any real contractions, and she has not dropped... we will be holding off on the ever exciting exams!! And the best part of the appointment... Lexi had the hiccups!! The Mid-wife was measuring and trying to find the heartbeat when she said, "Oh, she's kicking me" I told her how Lexi doesn't like being touched... but then she said, "hold on, I think those are hiccups!" We listened/felt for a bit and decided they were too "rhythmic" to be kicks (besides, they were by her head!!). I had felt this before, but thought I was just feeling my own heartbeat/pulse through my belly!! So now I know what it feels like when she has the hiccups!! :)

In other news: Todd got a job!!! He is working at Sonic and started this week!! So hopefully I will be able to stop working soon (because my back pain is getting REALLY bad!)!!! Other than that, we are feeling pretty ready (baby stuff wise and physically) for little Lexi to make her appearance!! :)



Katie said...

Woo woo! You are such a cute little pregnant lady. And so lucky to have only gained 18 pounds so far! I still have more than that much to lose. Haha. Also, that's way cool that hopefully you won't have to work anymore soon. If only we lived closer so we could play! :)

Soren and Sandy said...

Hiccups are crazy huh?? Our baby doesn't like to be touched very I hear people say that if you press on your belly they'll kick you, but our baby does the opposite...if he is pressing hard on my belly and I touch him he moves away and stops moving for a minute lol...little stinker!

Hilary said...

Umm...I wouldn't be too excited about being "checked!" It hurts like anything! So I would hold off as long as possible for it! But on a good note...I'm sooo excited for you!! :)

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I love the baby update. You look so good. Hurray for Todd's job. I stopped working 2-3 weeks before Gwenevere was born.
Isn't it fun when you find out what is really going on. I thought Gwenevere was kicking me when my Doctor told me I was having a contraction. Ha I had no idea.