Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun Facts about Lexi

  • She is the perfect baby!! She only cries when she is 1) hungry and even then it's just fusses to wake me up and 2) when I'm messing with her umbilical cord. She doesn't cry when we change her diaper, change her clothes, give her a bath (unless mom is taking too long and she gets too cold) or for no reason! :) The most impressive thing is that she had to have her foot poked and blood taken 4 times- at first she would only cry when they did the poke and while they were squeezing her foot, but would stop crying when they eased up between squeezes. Then the last time she never cried!!
  • She has the most intense looks and makes really funny faces! She actually spends a lot of time awake and happy.
  • She has a really adorable lip quiver (which we think she gets from me). She does the lip quiver randomly and isn't related to crying or being cold- she's just funny!
  • She sneezes and hiccups all the time!! When she sneezes it's always in 3s which is JUST like her mommy! Then her hiccups usually come after or in the middle of feedings (if it's in the middle she doesn't get to continue until they are gone!!)
  • Right away she was interested and willing to nurse...but little Missy has a TINY mouth that makes nursing very painful because she can't get very much... flesh... into her mouth! Luckily she's getting what she needs, because she is gaining weight! The only thing we have a problem with is burping!! Well, at least mommy has problems... she burps just fine for daddy!
  • She is super ticklish! It's so funny, but also very convenient when trying to wake her up to eat or keep eating!
  • She sleeps with her arms up just like her daddy! It doesn't matter how tightly I wrap her, she can get those little arms out! My dad says I was an escape artist too...great...
  • Her favorite time to go potty is when her diaper is off! I have even gotten poop squirted up the back of my hand while trying to get the new diaper under her!
  • We call her "Squeeky" because she makes funny noises all the time!
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Soren and Sandy said...

Her hair is soooo dark! So cute and fun!