Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lexi's First 2 weeks

So I've really only written about Lexi's first day of life (I'm a bad blogger!) so I thought I'd give a quick rundown of Lexi's first 2 weeks of life!

Day 2- Thur Jan 28-Still in the hospital. We received our only visitors, my friends Kelsi and Chelsey from work!

Day 3- Fri Jan 29- Last day in the hospital. Lexi's doctor came at 9am and gave her a clean bill of health and discharged her. We had to stay 48 hours after her birth, so we thought we'd be leaving around 11am., Todd had an appointment to have a physical for plasma at 3 so we thought we'd be good on time. So we were just waiting for my mid-wife to come and discharge me. As the hours past and it got to be around 1pm we started getting anxious to leave! The nurse told us my mid-wife would come by 2... when 2:15 rolled around I went out and told the nurse we were on a time crunch and if there was anything we could do to speed things up! It was a good thing I asked because we had forgotten to fill out her birth certificate information! My nurse was also ask us questions that she would have asked AFTER my mid-wife had come! Finally I was released and we made it home by 2:50!! Todd just dropped us off and left for his appointment- Not quite the homecoming I had imagined! Lexi and I had only been home for about 10-15min before my Grandparents arrived!! They were so excited to see their first Great-Grandchild, and since my parents weren't going to be able to come right away, they jumped at the opportunity!

Day 4- Sat Jan 30- Lexi got to stay home all day with daddy, while mommy went shopping with Great Grandma and Grandpa... Mommy was exhausted after 2 hours and 4 stores!! We also received more visitors- My boss Deanna and co-worker Chelsea! Lexi also received her first bath at home!

Day 5- Sun Jan 31- Lexi went to sacrament meeting and slept the whole time! My cousin Navarre came over to visit, have dinner and play games (since Grandma and Grandpa were in town).

Day 6- Mon Feb 1- At 8:40 Lexi had her "Well baby" doctors appointment. They measured and weighed her- 6lbs 2oz, 18in, and 12.5 head (Birth:6lbs 3oz, 18in, and 12 head) So she had already lost weight and was almost back up to her birth weight!! (Momma's good little eater!) The doctor was very impressed with her alertness. She never cried while he was working her over, just laid there looking at him! He was worried about her yellowness and told us to go to the hospital to have her bilirubin lvls checked again. She was a 10 while we were still in the hospital. So we went to the hospital, got done with the blood work and had to wait around for an hour until our lactation appointment. While waiting for the lactation appointment I received a call saying her bilirubin lvl was 20 and that we had to go get a biliblanket right away! (I've all ready written about all this, so you can go back and check my older blog post for more details)

Day 7- Tues Feb 2- Before Great Grandma and Grandpa left, Grandma took me and Lexi back to the hospital to have her bilirubin lvls checked again- 15! So at least it's going down! She'll still have to go in again tomorrow to have it checked again- hopefully for the last time! Her lvls have to be 13 or lower to be allowed off her glow blanket. Later that day my friend Lacey Asher came over and took newborn pictures of Lexi! The classic look is black and white, naked, and asleep... well we got 2 out of the 3... she was awake and happy the whole time!

Day 8- Wed Feb 3- Lexi's 1 week Birthday!! Lexi and Mommy had to go to the hospital for another bilirubin lvl check. Then we both met with the Chiropractor. Then Lexi got to spend some time with daddy while mommy went to her 1 week post-pregnancy check-up! Mommy gets to do a little bit of bragging here:
Pre-pregnancy weight: 162lbs (lost 8 at beginning)
Last weigh in before birth: 170lbs
1 week after birth: 150lbs
WOOT! Only gained 16 and lost 20!
My Mid-wife also says I'm healing just fine! :) At the end of my appointment I received a call from Lexi's Dr's office to tell me her bilirubin lvl was 12 and that she didn't need to be on the blanket anymore!! YAY no more glow worm!

Day 9- Thur Feb 4- Grandma and Grandpa Packham arrive!! They had a hard time sharing Lexi! Great Uncle Jay also came for a visit- he was conveniently in town on business! Grandma got to give Lexi a bath and then we all went out to eat at Grandma's favorite place- Creigo's (we go every time she comes to visit!)

The last picture is of Lexi wearing one of my old outfits... we are trying to find a picture of me in it!

Day 10- Fri Feb 5- Didn't go anywhere or do anything- just stayed home and relaxed all day! :)

Day 11- Sat Feb 6- Again, didn't go or do anything :)

Day 12- Sun Feb 7- Grandma and Grandpa left. We watched the superbowl and Lexi got into it by striking the Heisman pose!

Day 13- Mon Feb 8- Another relaxing day at home with Mommy, and Daddy when he wasn't in class.

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