Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Glow Worm

Lexi had her 5 day check up yesterday! She weighed in at her birth weight of 6lbs 3 oz which is really good because babies loose a couple ounces at first- so she probably lost but is already gaining!! (It's because I make enough milk for 2 babies!!) The doctor loved how alert and active she was- she never cried while he was working her over, just looked up at him :) He did say she looked a little jaundiced. We told him her bilirubin lvl at the hopsital was 10 point something, but that she didn't look any yellower than at 1 day old. He told us to still go over to the hospital and have them run another test. She was already scheduled for an appointment with the lactation specialist at 11 at the Hospital, so we headed over to have the blood work done before her next appt.

She is such a good baby! She only cried when they poked her foot and while they were squeezing the blood out, but would stop whenever they eased up on her foot a bit and wasn't crying when it was all over!! Grandma thought they hadn't poked her when I walked out of the room with an awake and happy baby!

We got done with the blood test at around 10, so we just headed upstairs to Labor and Delivery (where the lactationists are) to wait. While we were waiting I received a call from the Doctor's office saying that her bilirumin lvl test had come back really high- 20 point something, it doubled!! They told me I needed to go straight to the Medical Shop to rent a biliblanket!! (It's a glowing blanket that you have to have in contact with her skin 24 hours a day to break up the bilirubin in her body. I managed to stay calm... for the moment. Grandma said she thought the test was wrong, because she wasn't that yellow. Another Grandma was waiting with us and she agreed that it seemed too high. (Her Grandson had to have the blanket because his lvl got up to 12 and he had looked more yellow than she did)

So we had to keep waiting for our appointment- even though I wanted to leave right that moment to go get my baby on her glowing blanket!! RIGHT when the lady came out to get us Lexi had a massive explosion in her diaper! But thats what the lady wanted to check, so it all worked out! Lexi showed the lady what a good little eater she is, and mommy got some words of encouragement that her little mouth would grow!!

Lexi has been on the blanket since we got it and has to go in this morning to have her lvls checked again- She'll have to be tested every day until it's low enough to be off the blanket :( Mommy doesn't like them taking blood... I think I dislike it more than her... lol

I'm working on getting more pics up... stay tuned!!


Soren and Sandy said...

Do they know how long it will take before she doesn't need the blanket anymore? I'm sure she will be fine though, if you are worried! She is beautiful!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I Hawaii they just tell you to go outside and get some sunlight on your baby's skin. I guess it's different when you live in Idaho and it is probably super cold outside. I hope she is feeling better soon.