Monday, February 22, 2010


Todd and I have decided to use cloth not those awful kind our parents used on us with the safety pins, but a new really high tech kind! The brand "FuzziBunz" (heres a link to the creators blog or the web-site here) is the best I've found. They are a little more expensive, but they adjust around the legs AND around the waist AND have lots of snaps so they fit newborn to toddler!! We decided to use reusable diapers for the sole reason of saving money, if we are saving the environment along the way, whatever. Anyways, I'm actually enjoying using them and we haven't had any problems... yet! (I'm sure she'll have a massive blowout eventually!)

Well I had really high hope for this blog- I planned on including pics of the diapers, charts of how much money we will save.... but I have a newborn, so this is it! :)


Jennifer said...

Hi. We use FuzziBunz too. This past summer we made absolutely no money. It was such a lifesaver that we had cloth diapers because we had money for literally nothing. It's such a good investment and I'm so glad I did it!

Megan Marie said...

the name of the diapers makes me picture a little fluffy tail on your baby, haha.

hey, let's do have some adventures this summer! when are you coming?

Brittney said...

I love this idea. Please keep us up to date on how well you like them. I really want to do them for Belinda.