Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Videos of Lexi

Lexi's First Bath- 4 hours old (Jan 27)
Sorry video didn't work

Sleeping baby- 1 day old (Jan 28)

Baby sneezes- 1 day old (Jan 28)
(Please forgive my conversation in the background)

Can-Can- 1 week old (Feb 3)
(Sorry the video is sideways!)

Funny Faces- 2 and a half weeks old (Feb 8)

Awake- 3 weeks old (Feb 10th)

Hiccups- 3 weeks (Feb 10)

Runny Runny Runny!- Around 1 month

Playing with toys- 1 month


Anonymous said...

hhaa!!! those videos with todd are hilarious! he is SO funny. lexi is looking SOO CUTE! i want to come and visit you guys again soon!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I love the videos. Hurray for blogging it makes me feel as if I was there too. Lexi is so cute.