Monday, March 22, 2010

Crafty Friends

I have 2 very good friends who never cease to amaze me. They are both very creative, and make me want to try new things through their blog tutorials. I've decided their blogs need to meet. Katie meet Megan, Megan meet Katie.

First there is Megan. Megan is always doing crazy photo shoots, going on amazing adventures with her boys, doing easy crafts, and making fun videos. Last week she posted a little video on how to create some sweet hair-dos. Here is my attempt: (this actually turned out to be easier and qucker than just throwing it up in a pony-tail!)

Then there is Katie. Katie can sew anything! The things she creates blows my mind! She finds her inspiration from other blogs, but it's still amazing- She made an art easel out of a crib! Some day I will have the courage to try some of her tutorials.


Megan Marie said...

love it! you've taken it at made it yours! thanks for your kind words! I'll be checking out your friend's bloggy.

Katie said...

Thanks Steph! I am highly honored. And Megan's blog is super cute. Thanks for the intro! Oh, and your hair looks great, by the way. :)