Thursday, April 8, 2010


Currently I am:
Sitting on an air mattress
In an almost completely empty apartment
Eating ice cream (cause it's just going to be thrown away tomorrow!)
Waiting to feed my baby
Playing on the computer

Today we loaded all our stuff into a U-Haul truck, then unloaded everything into a storage unit. The loading and loading took 4 hours. We cleaned for 6-7 hours (hard to actually calculate when you have to keep stopping to take care of a baby!) Everything is pretty much clean except for: Refrigerator/freezer, Loading the car, the second bedroom closet and floor (because everything going to Oregon is in the closet), taking the last load of stuff to the storage unit, vacuuming the front room, and moping all mop-able surfaces. All this needs to be done by 9am tomorrow!! So, I am going to bed now (Todd already did- but I wanted to clean the bathroom first), so I can wake up early to make sure we are ready for our check-out time!! I am so excited to go back to Oregon!!!

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Katie said...

Good luck with the move! See you in Oregon! :)