Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ode to Stupid People

Yesterday Lexi and I went with my mother-in-law to run a couple errands. While at JoAnn Fabric, 2 ladies came over and started gooing and smiling at Lexi. One asked, "Boy or girl?". At this point I am not offended because Lexi was covered in a very gender neutral blanket(which I will NEVER bring into public again!), had a blue binky, and her car seat is brown and green. (most people at this point have already said, "How old is he?") Anyways, I pull back her blanket (revealing the pinkest outfit she has) and say "Girl." This is where stupidity comes into effect. The lady then says, "Well she looks like a boy" SERIOUSLY?! Who says that?! Anyways, I then say "She's wearing pink!" The lady says, "Well my husband wears pink." At this point I'm kinda shocked, and knowing that I can't punch this lady, I start trying to defend my daughter. I say "Well I'm getting her ears pierced next week (which is a for sure thing now!!) Then the other lady says, "That might help." AAGH! I didn't realize how mad I was until I walked away from them! As soon as we were to the car I told my mother-in-law, and everyone else I can since then! I mean, usually when someone guesses wrong they simply say "Sorry" or "She sure is cute" or something else to cover up their stupidity-not continue to insult the mother! But not these ladies, they just wouldn't drop it!

So I have decided to compile a couple more stories of stupid people!! Please feel free to add your own stupid person encounter in comments! Also, names have been changed for privacy :)

"Oh what a beautiful daughter you have" when he was dressed in the pedi's office by a NURSE. I'm like..."Yeah, we're checking out David Michael." Plus he has the mile long lashes, everyone knows only boys get those. ;)

My favorite "dumb moment" was when Alex was about 1 1/2 and Sarah was about 6 months. You wouldn't believe how many times I was asked if they were twins. Seriously? Because do you know what the size difference is in an 18 month old and a 6 month old? Did you even LOOK at them???

And the last was me (Stephanie)- When I was a baby people would still call me a little boy, even when I was wearing a pink lace dress, bow glued to my head, and ears pierced!!

Well hope you've had a good laugh at the expense of the stupid people of the world! :)

and here is a pick of Lexi wearing the outfit and with the blanket she had when the offense occured!


Soren and Sandy said...

Still can't get over that story!!! How ridiculous! Pink means girl, blue means boy! Plus I seriously think Alexis looks like a girl...unmistakably...people are just really dumb.

Brittney said...

Definitely GIRL!!!

1boy4girls said...

Well, actually, Conner had that EXACT outfit when he was a few months old!

EmilyT said...

oh my gosh! how offensive!! she looks like the girliest girl i know!!! i've had people ask that about jensen when he was younger, "aww, boy or girl?" and he's like the manliest little boy ever wearing a complete grown up boy outfit. people are so odd sometimes!