Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Tooth!

Lexi has her first tooth! I discovered it Friday evening (Sept 17). I randomly stuck my finger in her mouth, I had no reason too, no reason to suspect, but I found a tooth! It wasn't even a bump, it's already broken through! My mom said, "Thats weird, usually they get runny noses." I immediately remembered that Lexi had had a runny nose 2 days prior. I remember it because she NEVER has had a runny nose so I wanted to keep track in-case she was getting sick. Then we started thinking back and realized that her funny new smile and her smacking started all around the same time, and that she was probably feeling the tooth! She wasn't any fussier than usual and she's always chewed on everything, so we didn't notice a change. Funny little thing! Anyways, I'm having mixed emotions- happy and excited that my baby is growing up, and sad because my baby is growing up!

Oh, and it's her bottom left front tooth. I will try to get a picture... if I'm lucky! :)