Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happenins of the last couple months

It's been FOREVER since I blogged!! I'll start with Lexi's weight and measurements as of August 27th: at 7 months old she was 18lbs 9oz, 26 1/2 inches long, and her head 17 1/2 inches... all of the measurements are approximate, because I have to do them, since she hasn't visited a doctor since she was 2 months. I did finally take her to the county health office so she could have her immunizations (which I need to do again this week).

A Couple Fun Facts of Lexi Recently:
  • She has this funny new smile. It's this closed lips, straight smile. It's hilarious and too cute!!
  • She smacks her lips when she sees people eating. It's so cute. We have been trying to teach her baby sign language, but she just smacks her lips and we know she's hungry. Although, I'm pretty sure she signed "milk" on Saturday! We have been teaching her "Milk" "More" and "All done" I think she's also very close to doing "more". I got "Baby Signing Time" which she enjoys watching. I'll try to post the video I took of her watching :)
  • She LOVES pears and peaches, and HATES green beans. She also hates the peas I made, but I think it's because they aren't smooth enough. I'm trying to be better about making my own baby food instead of buying the little jars. I made and canned about 12 pints of apple sauce for her, so I'm feeling pretty good about myself :)
  • Her skills include sitting and rolling. She is pro at sitting, and prefers to sit all the time. She can roll over, but will avoid it if possible. She's learned she can roll half-way, grab what she wants, and go back to her back. She HATES being on her tummy, which as severely hindered her learning to crawl. We've been better about making her play on her tummy, and she doesn't mind as much as long as someone is there playing with her. She spins in circles and moves backwards, she is also starting to get one of her knees bent and under her, so I think she might be getting closer to crawling.
  • She does NOT entertain herself at all! She has to have someone with her at all times. She doesn't even care if they are playing with her or not, she just doesn't want to be alone, so someone has to sit near her and just hand her toys back to her.
  • Today I decided to play some music! I realized I never listen to music (except for whatever her toys produce!) My mom has a bunch of baby cds, mostly Disney, and she loves it! She was greatly entertained by watching me sing and dance!
  • Sleeping habits: She wakes up between 8:30-9, plays for an hour, takes a 2 hour nap, plays, takes another 2 hour nap at 3, takes a half hour nap at 6, then goes to bed at 9. She sleeping for 6 hours, eats, goes back to sleep for 3 hours, eats, then sleeps another 3 hours. (that should fill 24 hours). She will fall asleep in the car no matter what we do, so if we want to to go to bed before 11pm, we can't go anywhere after 7! We have tried to put her to bed at 8, but she just wakes up 2 hours later and thinks shes had a real nice nap! (and stays up til midnight!)
We went camping for 10 days straight this summer! First half was with the Packhams (my dad's side) then the second half was with the Wilcoxs (my mom's side). Lexi LOVED it! There was so much to see and so many people to watch and play with that most of the days she skipped all her naps! She was a disaster by nighttime, but she slept for 10-12 hours straight!! (I kind of liked it!) I think the most memorable camping experience was when I gave Lexi a bath! The funniest part was when my dad pulled off her diaper without checking, sat her on his lap, and then discovered she was poopy! It was so funny! Seriously, who trusts a baby that much?! I have a picture of the poop on my dad's leg and Lexi's bum, but it's PG-13 so I wont post it. :)

Lets see... Todd has been working at Fry's Electronics all summer. They are making him a supervisor, and he is excelling and loving it! We even deferred going back to Idaho for a semester so he could keep working. We are even looking into the possibility of staying in Oregon and having Todd finish his BS at Portland State!

And I stay home with Lexi, scrapbooking and crafting when I have some free time. I am thinking about getting a part-time job, or at least finding something I can do from home to make a little extra $$$! I have gotten into making flower clips for baby head-bands or for your hair. My mom says they are good enough to sell, so I might give "etsy" a try!


Soren and Sandy said...

Shut up! She does not sleep that much! Dang that is no fair! The knee under her is a sure sign she is on her way to figuring out crawling or pulling herself up to sitting. Lincoln did it for both...but he did both about the same time. So it could be either! How exciting!

emmalou said...

Wow. That's a lot of updating at once. So I knew you guys were here for the summer, but I didn't know where you guys are living. So you might stay through the holidays too? That would be nice.