Friday, December 31, 2010

11 Month stats

I can NOT believe Alexis is 11 months old- less than a month til her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!

Here are her current stats:
22 pounds 13onces
28 and a half inches long

Things she has learned and things she likes to do:

  • Wave
  • uses "Mama" and "Dada" correctly- well mostly- any male is "Dada" (kinda sad)
  • Crawling monster! She is so happy now she can get around!
  • Stands and walks along the sides of things
  • Can stand on her own for up to 10 seconds- longer if she has a toy in her hand
  • Getting her 3rd tooth on the bottom, still none on the top.  This 3rd tooth has been accompanied by her first ever fever- got up to 103.5!!
  • Could spend all day playing with her uncles- especially Sam
  • Taught herself how to climb the stairs so she could go see “her big boys” (uncles)
  • Loves eating WHATEVER we are eating, thinks it should ALL go to her.
  • Has a very bizarre fear of flowers (seriously, we don't understand this one...)
  • Loves the little wooden animals my dad has carved, and anytime he picks her up she points to go see them (they are displayed on a shelf)
  • She points to what she wants
  • She is still a VERY good sleeper- at least 12 hours a night, usually with 1 middle of the night diaper change
  • Loves reading books and playing with her toys
  • LOVES music- piano, recorder, and singing.  She even conducts the music at church :)
She is growing and learning quickly.  I love my little Lexi Lou Who!!

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James and Elizabeth said...

I loved it when Gwenevere learned to Crawl she was so much happier too. The next couple of months between 12 months and 18 months where some of my favorite with Gwenevere. They learn so much and it's fun to watch them grow.

LOL that's funny about the flower fear.