Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1 year ago

Jan 14, 2010- 36 weeks (last belly pic I got)

1 year ago this week, this is what was on my calendar:  
(I was just looking at it and laughed at how much WAS planned)
*Note: Todd also had classes all day every day

Monday 25th:
9-3- Steph work
6:30- Home Teachers come

Tues 26th:
9-3 Steph work
5- Relief Society Com MTG
8:30- Go to "New Moon"

Wed 27th:
Steph off work
6-10:30pm- Todd Work

Thur 28th:
6am- Todd Extra Credit MTG for "career" class
3:20- Steph 38wk Dr Appt
7:30- Visit Teach Sara Stevenson
8:00- RS Hot Cocoa Night

Fri 29th:
11-3 Steph work
3:00- Todd plamsa physical (which he still went to...)
7:00- Game night with Ashers
*38 Weeks!

Sat 30th:
12-3 Steph Work
*Last Day of Work!
4- Elder's Quorum Activity

Mon and Tue went as planned, but Wed at 6am~ CHANGE OF PLANS~ my water broke and by 11am Alexis was born! Here is the whole birth story if you want to read it :)

We stayed in the Hospital til Friday afternoon (2:30! even though we were suppose to leave by 11am!!)
My Grandparents arrived 15 mins after we got home from the Hospital and stayed for 4 days.
Todd didn't got back to school or work til the next week, and I had to call work to tell them I would not be coming in for my last 2 shifts because I had my baby! :)


Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Haha that IS funny! And so different from ours...nothing was on my calendar. Lol

James and Elizabeth said...

It's funny how having a baby changes everything.

I just noticed My new blog address isn't on your blog thread. I wasn't sure if you knew we changed blogs.

Just in case here is our new blog
and if don't want to add it no hard feelings :)

Katie said...

Yay! Happy birthday Alexis! :)