Monday, January 31, 2011

3 Year Supply

When I was pregnant with Alexis I tried to think of things I could buy gradually, so it wouldn't be so much all at once, things that don't go bad and that you know you will need.  I came up with: Wipes and baby shampoo. (For most people diapers would be on this list, but we had already decided to go with cloth diapers- which I started buying slowly also).  So every time I went to Wal-Mart I bought baby wipes.  It made me feel like I was able to buy something for my baby, since Todd wouldn't let me buy clothes or anything. Luckly, I never bought any baby shampoo- I say lucky- because when my parents came to visit after she was born, my dad bought us this:

and 1 year later it looks like this:

As you can see it's not even half gone! (Promise, I bathe my child!!)  Also, my friend bought me some (because I had commented to her that I hadn't received any at my baby shower- I guess all my friends knew you don't need a ton).

So, I figure I have at least a 3 year supply :)


Brittney said...

That is really funny!!!

Max and Rebecca said...

I'm sure you'll use it...especially as she gets more hair!

Megan Marie said...

oh, it goes much faster when they figure out how to take the lids off of things and make their own bubble baths. :)

EmilyT said...

i feel so wasteful!!!! i go through one of those every 3 weeks!!! but jensen is a messy boy and he gets at least 2 baths a day and henry 1 a day. boys are messier than girls! and we do bubble baths too, which makes it go faster. but i still feel wasteful! good for you!