Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1 year check-up and stats

Lexi had her 1 year doctor visit today! She is now
Weight: 22lbs 5.5oz = 71%
Height: 29.75 inchs = 71%
Head: 46cm = 76%

She got a new fluoride with vitamin D, 3 immunizations- chickenpox, PCV13, and MMR, and a blood draw to test for lead poisoning (since our house is REALLY old {1909}).  The doc also says she can be turned forward facing in the car now, but I'm not sure if I will yet....course it would make it a lot easier to know when/if she is sleeping!

The doctor was also impressed with how quickly she is learning to move around- since the last time he saw her she wasn't even crawling! He says she should be walking very soon :)

She still has a cold and is teething, but at least has gotten back to her normal sleep pattern!! (happy mommy!) She is cutting a 4th tooth on the bottom, and her 2 top ones are finally making an appearance!

Some fun facts:

  • She loves to play chase (on the bed and on the ground) with whoever will play
  • She loves MILK! We tried to teach her baby sign language, but the only one she does is "milk" and she does it a lot! Add that to her loving yogurt and cheese, and we have her daddy's daughter!  Todd would probably drink a gallon of milk a day if he were allowed!!
  • She still loves music and will sing and dance whenever she hears some
  • She waves "bye" and even "says" it- it's more just gibberish, but she's trying and it's SOO cute!!

Lexi is growing and learning quickly- I am trying to enjoy every minute of it!!

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