Monday, February 28, 2011

Quick Funny Story

Lexi was sitting next to me and started grunting and tooting.
I asked her "are you pooping?" She crawls under the table (no privacy next to me)
I hear more grunts and toots, and still being able to see her I ask, "are you pooping"
She walks to the other room, gets into her fort (not enough privacy under the table)
I hear more noises, and see her come out and lay on the floor next to her fort.
(She lays flat on the floor, face down, when she is pooping.  HAHA

Anyways, Lexi is now 13 months so I am working on an "update" blog post :)

1 comment:

James and Elizabeth said...

I Love those pooping stories. They make me laugh so hard.