Tuesday, March 1, 2011

13 Months Old

Wow, Lexi is 13 months now!

Recently she has:

  • Learned to walk: first steps- Jan 19th, full time- Feb 26th
  • Tooth #6- Feb 27th (bottom, 2nd on left)
  • Tooth #7- Feb 28th (top, 2nd on right)
    • It was a very busy weekend for her!
  • Says "mama" and "mom" :)
  • Says 'hi' and "bye" with waves
  • Has her very own language gibberish
  • New foods: PB&J sandwiches, kiwi, raisins, freeze dried blueberries (crunchy and still all the nutrients!) She even had clam chowder tonight and enjoyed it!
  • Preferred Foods: CHEESE, BANANA, yogurt, peaches, PB&J sandwiches, noodles with whatever we are having on them
  • Signs "milk" for milk, and just about everything else she wants (even an uncle)
  • Very good at communicating her wants- shaking her head for "no" and pointing to what she wants accompanied with the sign for milk.
  • She started sleeping through the night regularly about 2 weeks ago! 12 hours!!! (happy mama!)
  • Spending lots of time with her cousin Ezra, which has been really good for her! She started walking regularly (we think it was to show off) and she is learning to share her toys...sorta....

In other news: Todd is moving out onto the sales floor at Fry's Electronics. I think he's going to the computer department... but there is another department fighting for him, so I'm not sure where he will end up.  In order to progress further into the company you have to be a salesman, then a supervisor on the floor, then a manager.  They are talking about starting him off as a supervisor on the floor!

In 17 days Todd and I are using our timeshare and will be flying to Orlando, Florida for 8 days!! I'm so excited!! We are going to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure- where the new Harry Potter world is!! Pretty sure I'm mostly excited about that part!! Also most likely going to Sea World (but we hear the one in San Diego is the best, so we will see). 

ALSO, I just found out tonight that the cruise with my sister that was suppose to happen in January might still be on! It's scheduled for March 28-April 1st and her husband can't miss that much work, so if they can change the name on the cruise manifest I get to go! Which would mean I will get back from Florida on the 26th, then fly to Las Vegas (to meet up with my sis) on the 27th!  I'm just nervous about missing my baby!!

Ezra and Lexi



Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Um...JEALOUS! I want to go to Harry Potter world!!

Lexi has that many teeth? No way! That is crazy! Oh, wait...I guess Lincoln has 6 haha...so he is closer than Irealized! I'm a dork. She sounds so smart! she she may have walked later than Linc but she communicates better...I think that is usually the difference between girls and boys!

James and Elizabeth said...

Will Lexi be going to Orlando with you? Sounds like a super cool vacation. Have fun.

lila Check said...

so cute!!!
your vacation sure sounds like asuper cool time!