Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well it's been a very busy 2 months!! Todd and I went to Florida for 7 days (9 if you count travel time) and I went on a 4 night cruise with my sister to Mexico :)  BUT, I think the details of all that is going to be for a different post.  Right now I am thinking about couponing! (and at the very moment about how every spell checker doesn't accept it as a word...)  Anyway, a couple weeks ago I decided to try my hand at couponing. I got a couple weeks worth of newspapers/coupons from my grandparents and went to my best friend for a crash course. My very first trip I got FREE deodorant :) 

Then I got all this for FREE 
Yup, all free :)
Now this trip is the first time I had to spend a little bit of money- $3.19.  I still felt pretty proud of myself, and I felt like the things I did spend money on, I would normally buy- so I got a GREAT deal! (Yes, the KY was free, and since it's the only thing people seem to see and comment on about this picture I should have left it out since it wouldn't have effected my total...Grow up!)
This was my favorite trip so far! Everything besides the pringles were free!! And I got the pringles 3 for $1 :)  Again, I did not buy excessive amounts of anything and I didn't buy anything I wouldn't normally spend money on.
This trip isn't one of my best, but they are all things we use and/or needed more of- or at least will need more of eventually. I will not need to buy razors for a long time, and since Todd was asking me to get him some I was very excited to get him 2 packages for less than $1!
And last but not least... If you haven't figured it out yet, the reason for this post is to counter all the comments about couponers buying and collecting excessive amounts of items or buying things they don't need "just because it's a good deal".  Here is a picture of all my coupons I let expire.  I did NOT go out and use them just because it would make things cheaper.  I haven't spent money on any items I didn't already need.  If I got an item I didn't need (like the dental floss) it was because it was FREE! I mean, who could say no to FREE?!

So there. I am really enjoying the hunt and hope to get my hands on more Sunday Oregonians for the coupon inserts :)


Max and Rebecca said...

Why don't you need dental floss?? I think it's a necessity!

Stephanie and Todd said...

Well my parents already have a 10 year supply! Haha, but yes we will need it when we finally move out! :)

Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

I really need to get into couponing. Seriously. People do these posts and then I feel like such a horrible money spender lol.