Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lexi's Language

Here is a list of the things Lexi says (and their translations!)
1st- Mama (first for me, now used for Grandma now that she says "mom")
2nd- Mom
3rd- Ba = Bye
4th- Umm = Yum
5th- Hi
6th- Mi = Milk
7th- Nana = Banana
8th- Ni = Night (she asks to go to bed!)
9th- Sa = Sam
10th- Za = Zach
11th- Up
12th- Dada = Dad (I know, sad that he was #12!)
13th- Hi Fi = Hi Five (super cute cuz she also holds up her hand!)
14th- Id = Outside

Things she understands so we have to be careful saying them around her:
Outside (she would spend the entire day outside if we let her!)
Jacket (in fact we have to hide her jacket!)
Coat (then she fill find any jacket and try to put it on so she can go outside!)
Shoes and Socks (she knows she needs these if she wants to go outside)

Needless to say, she is becoming quite the little smarty pants :)


Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Hahahahaha! Most of the careful words involve going outside! That is totally like Lincoln! I love it!

James and Elizabeth said...

She is so cute.