Thursday, March 29, 2012

21 weeks

20 weeks
Tomorrow I will be 21 weeks, so I thought I should do a quick little update on our little baby :)

On the 23rd (exactly 20 wks) we had an ultrasound and found out we are having a BOY! We are super super excited to welcome Kaden Todd into our family this summer. Todd and I have had his name chosen since before we got married, and are very excited to finally get to use it!

Every day Lexi asks to hug, rub, and kiss my belly- she says "baby" very lovingly while she's doing it. We brought her to the ultrasound in hopes she would see the baby and get a better idea of whats going on (we think she might just think there's a doll in there), but she was too worried about mommy lying on the table/bed and the goo on my tummy to look at the monitor with the baby. But I know she will be a great big sister!

After our ultrasound we were told our little guy was so active, and had his hands by his face the whole time, that they weren't able to get a very clear shot of his pallet and that I would need to come back for another ultrasound (oh darn ;) THEN later that day I received a phone call saying that the Dr who reviews the ultrasound pictures wanted a better look at his heart and that I needed to go to him in Beaverton so he could do the scan. I was a little nervous, but they reassured me that he didn't see anything wrong, but just wanted to make sure.

Today, March 29th, I had that extra ultrasound- and everything looks perfect! :) We were even able to get a better picture of his manhood, since the first tech gave us a TERRIBLE picture! I mean, the whole time we kept seeing his little parts very clearly, then the pic she printed for us you couldn't see anything! So, I begged for a better picture today :)

Now, to post pictures of my poor little guy's junk all over the internet :)

11 week ultrasound

 20 week ultrasound
back and spine
It's a boy! (I promise)

 21 week ultrasound
"parts" a father can be proud of
feet (ankles crossed)
profile (w his hand by his face)

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