Thursday, March 29, 2012

Turning the big 2-6!

Writer's Note: I started this post on my birthday (March 7th) but didn't finish it until today (March 29th- which ironically is my sister's birthday) so I was able to get all my birthday stuff in 1 post :)

I know, not super exciting. Nothing "special" happens when you turn 26. And infact, we are actually celebrating my birthday on the 20th when we go see WICKED!! So, I didn't really care my birthday was coming up...until I remembered BIRTHDAY FREEBIES! I love Freebies- obviously- so I found some great blogs, where other people did all the work, and found lots of places you can get freebies on/or around your birthday.


So, here is how I celebrated my birthday :)

The day before my birthday I was able to get a free cream slushy (watermelon) at Sonic (It was good anytime during your birthday month). My first time ever getting one of these, and it was GOOD!

My actual birthday started at 6am (yes, thank you Alexis), but because we woke up so early, we got a jump start on our festivities!

Free* "Grand Slam Breakfast" at Denny's:
*beware, drinks are not free... found out afterwards, but oh well- It was amazing OJ :)

Then at lunch time we headed out to Chang's Mongolian Grill: Free main dish, Free sides, and free dessert! It was fantastic!! Only problem: Lexi was super tired from waking up so early... but once she got a hold of my ice cream, I was able to finish my food :)

Lexi fell asleep on the way home, so I was able to enjoy my free Blockbuster movie: Just Go With It (LOVED IT!!)

At 4 I had an Activity Days activity (I'm the 10-11yr old leader). After the activity I drove up into Woodburn to get my free Dutch Brother's drink (Peach Mango smoothy!)

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing at home :)

March 20th- WICKED!! Todd and I went with our friends: Keenan and Heidi Buel, and Gary Strosser and Melissa Owens. First we went out to dinner at Red Robin where I got my free birthday burger meal and free dessert. The dessert was a surprise, they even sang to me- it was embarrassing :) Then we drove into Portland for the play! It was spectacular! Of course, I already knew it would be because I had already seen it once before- in New York City! I even bought a sweatshirt with some birthday money :)

Other Birthday Deals I cashed in throughout the month:
Buy 1 get 1 free @ Cold Stone (used on a date with Todd)
Free milkshake w purchase @ Arby's (used with Lexi, who pretty much drank the whole thing)
And a picture of the awesome bag my daddy gave me for my birthday :)

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