Sunday, November 6, 2011


Recently I discovered "Pinterest"- a digital organizational "clip board". You can search the web (or pinterest itself) for recipes, craft ideas, home decorating, fashion, etc. Really, it's quite endless- and completely addicting!! I LOVE IT!

Since my mom started nursing school, I've been in charge of cooking and cleaning. My least favorite part about cooking is coming up with what to make. With pinterest I get to try tons of new things, which makes cooking fun and exciting! Here is a list of the recipes I have tried so far:

I have also LOVED getting ideas for fun things to do with Lexi. Here are some pictures of the fun things we have done because of pinterest :)

Water bottle full of water and fun objects:

 Balloons full of flour, rice, sugar, and water (the flour is the best!!)

Body painting (I did it because I wanted some foot prints) :)

I even found a great idea for my friend's baby shower gift:

If anyone wants in invite just send me your email address!


Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

I love the little craft ideas! I want to do the bottle thing with Linc sometime! And we are doing aprons for the grandmas this year with Linc's hand prints and foot prints! Also I love the baby shower gift!

James and Elizabeth said...

I love pinterest. I've started a home school preschool for Gwenevere and I use Pinterest all the time.