Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Trimester rundown :)

Now that I've officially announced my pregnancy, I can start blogging about it :) I have a couple apps on my phone, and one of them has a journal section, so this pregnancy has been very well documented! :)

Here are a couple bullet points about the first trimester....actually I just changed my mind, I better start with the crazy start to this pregnancy. (then the bullet points)

Oct 18th- Decided we wanted to start trying for another baby, stopped birth control. Pretty much had a period right away.

Nov 29th- 6 weeks after period and still hadn't had another period, and had taken 2 at-home tests which came back negative, so I went to the Dr to find out what was going on and have a blood pregnancy test taken.

Nov 30th- Midwife calls and tells me the blood test came back with ZERO pregnancy hormone, so "You are not pregnant." She told me to keep waiting for my period and if nothing happened in 4 weeks to come back in to see if I was having problems ovulating.

Dec 23rd- I started feeling sick. Everyone in my family had been throwing up this week, so I figured it was just my turn. Over the next day when I never threw up, I started suspecting I was pregnant.

Dec 28th- Been nauseous constantly since the 23rd. Buy and take pregnancy test- POSITIVE! Since I had been feeling sick for a week and tested positive in the afternoon (they say to use AM pee), I figured I was about 5-6 weeks. I called my Dr office to report my pregnancy and to set up my first appointment. Their 1st question is always, "When was your last period?" I told her Oct 18, but that a blood test on Nov 29th said I was not preg. She decided to start counting my pregnancy from that date- so only 4 weeks. I knew she was wrong, that I was further along, but she made me wait to have my 1st ultrasound until I would be "7 weeks." So my due date would be Sept 4th according to them. I never believed them. But I'll play along- figured at least my baby will be bigger and easier to see :)

Jan 23rd- First Ultrasound! I was super anxious because of my very first ultrasound with my 1st pregnancy where we showed up to see a baby, and found out there wasnt one. I also was dying to have an official due date, and to prove my suspicions correct. Anyways, as I'm laying there in pain from a very full bladder, the tech was very stone faced and had the monitor faced away from us. My anxiety was going crazy!! I kept trying to read her face. I looked at Todd and asked if he could see anything, was there a baby?! Todd said yes, he could see a baby. Well thats a good start. The finished her measurements and turned the screen. My first though- thats kind of a big baby. She tells us, "well you are 11 weeks 3 days and due..blah blah blah" WHAT?! I'm how far along?! I was shocked! I thought the furthest possible I could be would be 9 weeks because of my blood test. Anyways, we also got to hear the heartbeat which was super exciting! I ran to the bathroom and continued to process the info. As Todd and I sat in the waiting room to have my 1st appointment with a midwife, we both couldn't remember what she told us the due date was. I kept recalculating, and just couldn't figure out how I could be 11 weeks, if 8 weeks ago they told me "You are not pregnant." I decided the tech had been wrong, maybe she was just going off my last period date of Oct 18. Anyways, long story shorted- the midwife said that based on the ultrasound measurments I was 11wk 3 days and due Aug 10th. (Went from Sept 4th to Aug 10th- happy happy happy) She told me that at the blood test appointment my hormon levels just weren't high enough to detect- THEN WHATS THE POINT IN DOING IT IF IT'S NOT ACCURATE?! Anyways, she ended the visit with telling us the baby looks very healthy and the risk of miscarriage is very low :)

So there, thats how we found out we are having a baby in Aug :)

I think I'll make the journal entry bullet points and pictures a different post.

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Bnestor said...

Congratulations Steph, Todd and Lexi! This is awesome!